Pebble Time vs Smartwatch 3


Pebble Time Smartwatch 3 Quick access to most functions✔️Customizable shortcuts✔️Advanced watchface editor✔️Dismissing notifications syncs to the phone✔️Access to earlier notifications✔️ Readable in low light with no backlight✔️Always-on mode in color✔️No waiting times opening a new screen✔️Attaching charger is easy✔️Custom replies easy accessible✔️Can use standard straps / band✔️Comfortable size✔️Large Screen✔️Battery lasts much more than 1 day✔️Vibration is strong / noticable✔️Shows e.g. the whole chat conversation✔️Hi-res display✔️Standard charger (easy to get)✔️Display not blinding in low light✔️

Pebble Time - a step backwards

Pebble Time Steel's display contrast is noticably worse than its younger brother - and it's smaller.

Pebble's menu can be re-ordered

•  Hold down the OK button
•  Tap up/down to move the item
•  Tap OK to place

Surface 2 can do the Pro 3 angle too

Missing that 150 degrees angle of the kickstand on your Surface (Pro) 2?
It can be pretty simple:
• Rotate the unit so that the top is towards you. • Flip out the kickstand and simply insert your wallet or mobile phone behind it.

The button placement feel somewhat messy this way but that might not be an issue for you.

OneDrive - great features but unreliable

Updated February 24th 2014
I recently tried migrating from Dropbox to OneDrive but I had to abort after three days of trouble. I was tempted by the 200 GB of free storage (for two years) and especially the extremely useful and unique feature called "Make available online-only". This feature would allow me to not only save space on my limited local drive, OneDrive would also - and this was the killer-feature I really wanted - give me local access to all files just as if they were actually on my local drive. Yay! 
OneDrive leaves tiny "ghost files" locally that, when accessed, instantly downloads the real files seamlessly. This way only the files you use actually take up space. You can even see their file sizes, rename them, copy them or move ghost files without needing to download the real file. Great concept! I've been longing for this (and foreseeing it) for years.
I needed a desktop PC synced with a Surface Pro 2 (both on Windows 8.1) but it never worked. On…

Touch typing tech for tablets

The founder of Swype has done it again. This time for tablets!

Only 23% User-friendly

Morten Just had a disappointing experience with his brand new printer.
He thought "why didn't it have a label on its packaging saying User-friendliness 23%" or similar?
Great idea for a law, huh?

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