Phone calendars are too slow

Calendar efficiency test

The winner !

How hard can it be, huh? - surprisingly complex on some phones actually :)

Here are the results from my test sequences (the lower the better):

  7 actions: PalmOS (Centro/Treo)
10 actions: Palm webOS (Pre) 
11 actions: Windows Phone 8 NEW!
11 actions: Blackberry 8800
11 actions: Android v4.2 NEW!
13 actions: iOS 6.01 (iPhone) NEW!
13 actions: Android v2.3
13 actions: iOS 5 (iPhone)

  7 actions: PalmOS (Centro/Treo)
  8 actions: Windows Phone 8 NEW!
  9 actions: Android v4.2
  9 actions: iOS 6.01 (iPhone) NEW!

I tested this sequence of calendar actions:
  • Unlock phone (security locks disregarded/disabled)
  • Create an appointment called OK (uppercase) today at 14:00 (any duration)
  • Lock the phone again.
I was using the basic out-of-the-box setup - the default unlock screen, default Home-screen, default calendar app etc.

Here's a typical excessive sequence of actions on a touch device:
  1. Press Power On button.
  2. Swipe to unlock.
  3. Press Home button.
  4. Press Home again to reach main-home - or swipe/scroll to your calendar icon.
  5. Tap Calender icon.
  6. Tap Today if it doesn't show today.
  7. Tap New appointment or tap 14:00 twice.
  8. Tap on appointment Title to show touch keyboard.
  9. Tap O
  10. Tap Shift
  11. Tap K
  12. Scroll to event time if it's not in view.
  13. Tap time (if number 7 was New appointment).
  14. Scroll to 14 (counts as 1 1/2 or 2 actions I'd say).
  15. Tap OK to confirm time.
  16. Tap Done/Save or Back.
  17. Power off.