Pebble Time vs Smartwatch 3


Pebble Time
Smartwatch 3

Quick access to most functions ✔️

Customizable shortcuts ✔️

Advanced watchface editor ✔️

Dismissing notifications syncs to the phone ✔️

Access to earlier notifications

Readable in low light with no backlight ✔️

Always-on mode in color ✔️

No waiting times opening a new screen ✔️

Attaching charger is easy ✔️

Custom replies easy accessible ✔️

Can use standard straps / band ✔️

Comfortable size ✔️

Large Screen ✔️

Battery lasts much more than 1 day ✔️

Vibration is strong / noticable ✔️

Shows e.g. the whole chat conversation ✔️

Hi-res display ✔️

Standard charger (easy to get) ✔️

Display not blinding in low light ✔️

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