Goole Nexus S

Perfect size and weight - horrible touchscreen

David Filskov - August 2012

The slow touchscreen makes this phone slower and more buggy to use than any other capacitive touchscreen phone I've tried. Too bad since many other aspects of Nexus S are good.


- Weight and size are just perfect.

- Smooth enough graphics - faster when animations are off (in dev. options).

- Good video quality (not HD but close) but lousy indoors - too dark.

- Audio-recording somewhat noisy and easily distorts since input is a bit too loud.

- Great screen (LCD). Impressive black-level - almost like an OLED.

- Best auto-brightness I've ever seen - never too bright like all other phones - even in dark places.


Touch-screen seriously lagging - Samsung had it for repair and confirmed "No faults detected". It's MEANT to be lagging :(

Nexus S almost NEVER responds to light touches :(

I ALWAYS have to type slowly and firmly to make it each touch register.

Another broken behaviour about Nexus S' touchscreen (or the driver) is that swipes aren't registered until 3-4 millimeters into the swipe :( This means short swipes are often interpreted as taps stopping the motion :(

Get this: I even had mine sent to repairs but they said Samsung tested it and claimed there were no faults whatsoever!

I'm gessing it's a badly badly designed driver - Google's way of avoiding "accidential taps".

Not sure I'd ever buy another Samsung or google branded phone. Only after THOROUGH testing of that touchscreen.

Camera sucks. Indoor shots are shaky and dark or too exposed :( - also the preview after taking a picture is wrong! It doesn't show what you captured - it shows another photo taken a tiny bit later. What a bug.

Loudspeaker distorts very easily.